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All year leads to this one bloody day!

All year round pig farmers like us are thinking about one thing… Christmas!!!! This is our time to shine, and even though we like to eat pork as a staple from January […]

Recipes for the festive season

These are some of my favourite things at Christmas… (photos of myself is NOT one of them) The best stuffing: Toasted breadcrumbs (we use GF because my family is riddled […]

Rose's Mums soul warming Italian peasant food

My friend Rose shared this amazing recipe with our family last night for dinner. Honestly, its a one pot wonder, it's cheap and you shouldn't have to run to the […]

Preserving the Pig

This time of the year is usually a frenzy of friends and family gathering in large groups to preserve the mighty salami pig in the garden shed, the carport or […]

Our regenerative journey

If you're following our socials you will have seen we've had quite a shift in the regenerative direction. Last month, Mum and I were fortunate enough to attend as guests […]

With love, from a pig farmer II.

I was making sausages in a hand crank filler and developed crap-free recipes for Italian pork and fennel sausages and French Toulouse sausages

With love, from a pig farmer

The truth of what it means to grow animals for meat, and everything in between.

What's the deal with Christmas Ham?

A breakdown of how our Christmas hams get produced.

Did someone say Charcuterie?

Nose-to-tail charcuterie: this blog walks through every part of the pig, and what we use to make our much-loved charcuterie products.

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