Can I get fresh pork posted in the mail?

Unfortunately we can’t reliably send fresh pork cuts in the mail from the farm. We can however airfreight to major capital cities for boxes to be picked up using a booking number for a cost of $50 per box. We can also deliver boxes to Melbourne and regional areas via refrigerated freight services for an extra cost. We deliver into Melbourne ourselves on Wednesdays and can leave boxes for you to pick up at certain locations across the city. Please email us for options.

Can you post me charcuterie?

Yes we can! We can send a box of charcuterie weighing up to 5kgs for $25 to anywhere in Australia. We pop special ice packs in with your goods and post is guaranteed to be delivered in 2 days for Vic, NSW and SA and up to 4 days for WA, NT, QLD and Tas.

Are your porky goods gluten free, and do you use any preservatives?

All of our charcuterie and small goods are gluten free and we do not use preservatives, other than good old salt, smoke and time. We avoid using anything other than meat, spices and salt to handcraft our products, using traditional old school methods.

Are your pigs raised organically?

Our farm is farmed using Demeter Bio-dynamic methods. This natural way of farming follows moon cycles and uses soil preparations including 500. This is the best soil treatment which begins increasing the health of the soil, which then grows healthy plants and thus healthy animals. We only use uncertified organic grains and legumes to feed the pigs their supplementary feed and beautiful mineral and vitamin rich whey from our friends at Holy Goat Farm at Sutton Grange. Most importantly we do not use meat proteins. We think this is the best way of farming and growing very tasty animals for meat.

Can we visit the farm and see how the pigs are raised?

Yes of course! We have an open farm policy, but we do ask you to wear clean shoes and not to visit on the same day as another pig farm because of biosecurity reasons. We welcome visitors to the farm and are well equipped for small to large farm tours and farm sales. Just call ahead to make sure we are home and not galavanting down the paddock with the pigs or at farmers markets.

Can we see you at farmers markets?

Yes, our favourite way of getting our meat out there is at farmers markets. Please see our stockists page for a current list of where we are on the weekends.

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