CSA Swine Club- House Share 12 months upfront

$2,719.50 for 1 year

In stock (can be backordered)

Add some charcuterie...

Rillettes 170ml jar

The Little French Ham - Whole piece

The Little French Ham 100g sliced pack

Capocollo 100g sliced pack

Capocollo - Whole piece

Guanciale - Whole piece

Smoked Bacon - Whole Side 'Bundarra'

Prosciutto - Sliced 'Bundarra'

Mortadella - 100g sliced pack

Pork Terrine

HOUSE SHARE. 7.5kgs pork cuts plus smallgoods suitable for a house share, we pack cuts into smaller portions to share amongst everyone. Sometimes there will be variations in the amount of pork versus smallgoods depending on our production and supply at the time. Delivered first week of the month. Once off payment for 12 months at a 7.5% discount.

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